Monday, November 11, 2013

Week 10 Review and Happy Veteran's Day!

I know, I know.  It's been a while.
I've been playing hookie from the World Wide Web.  (But, not from running!)

So much has been going on in the last couple of weeks:

My 44 yo brother fell 25 feet from a deer stand and punctured his lung, crushed his clavicle and a bunch of ribs, and suffered a concussion.  Somehow he managed to drive himself 10 miles to my parent's house before collapsing!  We are so thankful to still have him with us!

My grandson turned 2!

I threw him a little birthday party and got to hear,
"Mimi, I love you!"
for the first time ever!
Be still my beating heart!

Then there has been the general hoopla that this time of year tends to create:  Decorating, cleaning, mending and home improvements in preparation for the holiday season.
Yeah - I'm full of excuses!

But the training goes on, and this was the breakdown of week # 10

Days running: 4
Total miles: 26
Long Run: 11 
Runs without music: 3

I learned a few things this week
  1. It really does take 1 day per mile to recover from a race!  I was surprised by how sluggish I still felt a whole week after my last race.  My mid-week speed and tempo workouts were way off my normal pace, but by the weekend things were starting to fall back into place.
  2. It can feel very freeing to run without music!  I'm not sure what happened this week, but I was just tired of listening to music while I ran - so I went cord free!  Well, not entirely cord free, since I ran with my earbuds stuffed in my bra for my entire 11 mile long run!  I just never felt the need for them - the thoughts in my head were loud enough!
  3. Sometimes, the biggest battle is just getting dressed!  This was one of those weeks when I simply did not want to be a runner.  I wanted to be a couch potato.  I longed to be a couch potato!  But, somehow I tricked myself into running every time with these 6 simple words:

    "Just put on your running clothes!"

    I'd tell myself that I didn't have to actually run - just get dressed.  Of course, once the clothes were on I was going to run!
Happy Veteran's Day to all the wonderful men and women out there who have served!!!