Monday, May 6, 2013

My May Stride Box Has Arrived!

A couple of weeks ago, I signed up to get the StrideBox.  This is a "monthly subscription box for runners that delivers an assortment of running accessories, gear, and nutritional products to your door each month."   The cost seemed reasonable - $15 (which includes shipping) - and the whole idea struck me as FUN!

Today I got my StrideBox in the mail!
Water bottle for size comparison.

First of all - this WAS fun!  I just sat in front of the box for a minute and savored the moment.  Then I opened it s l o w l y.   (It really is sad how easily I am entertained)


I took my time taking each product out one by one.  Most of the items were fuel for the run.  The box also included Pro-Tec Blister Bands, a water bottle cleaner tablet (can't wait to try this) and a "Just Keep Running" sticker.  

The most expensive item was a Klitch Footwear Clip.  Here is my son demonstrating this nifty item:

My husband was actually pretty excited about the Klitch Clip since it allows him to clip his stinky running shoes to the outside of his gym bag.  The Clip seemed well made and it was really cool to get a $15 (retail value) item included in my $15 box!

The Stride Box included a card listing each item and its retail value:
Which I thought was handy since I didn't have to look up the value of each item online to make sure I was getting a deal (ha!)  My rough estimate is that I got about $27 worth of products in my $15 box.  NOT BAD!

I am very happy with my first StrideBox.  It contained mostly products I have never heard of as well as a few I had been wanting to try.  Even if I end up not needing/liking some of the items, I still feel like I got a good deal.  Plus - the "fun factor" is worth at least a few bucks!!

Can't wait to see what the June StrideBox has to offer!

May you run happy today!


  1. not running happy today... running intervals !!

  2. I've rad about the Stride box but I guess I am too picky to try new things!

    1. I figure it will be fun for a few months. and fortunately, my husband is also a runner and NOT picky :)

  3. Sounds like a great box of goodies!!! I subscribe to Kona Kase and Bulu them!

    1. I have never heard of those boxes. I'll have to look them up!

  4. I've never heard of this service before. Thanks for posting about it, def going to have to check it out. So cool!

    1. Thanks! I'm still waiting to find out what H.U.R.T stands for :) And I hate that you took the most awesome blog name ever (ha!)