Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Tuesday Tunes #4

Each week I share with you some of the songs on my running playlist.  If you are into Rap, R&B, Country or Electronic Music you might want to look elsewhere - but if you like Pop, Rock, Alternative, or Contemporary Christian Music you might find something you like!

Many training plans and running form clinics recommend a running cadence of 180 steps per minute (90 steps on each foot per minute).  Whether this works for everyone, I don't know.  But, I do find that I am a far more efficient runner - no matter the speed - if I am taking 175-185 steps per minute.   Here are some songs that help me maintain that cadence.

"Bang Bang" by K'naan featuring Adam Levine - 180 bpm (2X90)
O.K. - Maybe this could be considered rap, but I love it!!

What could be more worshipful than using our "fearfully and wonderfully made" body, powered by the Lord Almighty, to run surrounded by the beauty of His Creation?!

"Holy One" by Casting Crowns - 135 bpm
Here it is!  One of my all time most beloved running songs.  This song is based on my favorite chapter in the whole Bible - Psalm 63 and I am convinced that Casting Crowns wrote this tune just for me!  I have this on every race playlist and have been known to dance around when it comes on during my regular runs :)  Today, I am graciously sharing it with you (ha!)

Our final category is reserved for those songs that always make me pick up the pace.
Songs that put a huge grin on my face and a spring in my step!

The Sunshine Song by The Candle Thieves - 178 bpm (2X89)
This little tune just makes me smile every time I hear it!

May you run happy today!!!