Friday, June 14, 2013

Just a Rambling Pre-Race Post

Tomorrow is a big day for me.
I'll be running a 5K - a 5K I have been training for since March.  That means the results matter.
To me.
The Run for the Pies 5K in Jacksonville, FL is at 7:30 PM.  Right now we are looking at 81 degrees and 60% humidity for the race - certainly better than yesterday when it was still in the 90s at that time - but still brutal conditions for a race.  
I have been running in and trying to acclimate myself to these temps for the past month, but I am trying for a PR here and so I know it is going to be difficult.  I'm aiming for 28 minutes.  I've trained for this.  I know I can do it.... in 60 degrees.  I pray I can somehow pull it off in 80.

I have my race playlist made out.  I don't actually need music for such a short race, but I use the songs to help me keep proper cadence.  This helps me maintain a steady speed.  Without the 180 beat per minute music my cadence and pace tend to be all over the map.  I added one new song to my 5K playlist.  It's a fun one!

This song is around 174 bpm (87 x 2) - a little slow so I put it at the beginning to help keep me from going out too fast (ha!)

I do have a brand new outfit for the event.  A Brooks running skirt and mesh top.  I really like it, but the skirt is sooo short and the top is sooo sheer.  A little out of my comfort zone but I imagine I won't care once the race starts.

OK, this is a pretty rambling blog post.  I guess I'm just nervous and needed to write something.  Hopefully, in 24 hours, I will be celebrating a PR.  Hopefully.  But if not, I'll just blame it on the weather!!