Wednesday, June 12, 2013

My June StrideBox Is Here!

OK!  I am officially loving the StrideBox!  This is my second month, and once again it did not disappoint!

I actually got the box at midnight.  Hubby and I had been out on a "date" so that my grown daughter could have some of her friends over without Mom and Dad around.   Her friends were still here - and I couldn't wait to open my box - which is why you get my outdated comforter as a backdrop :)

I was pretty excited when I saw the Foot Rubz - 'cause let's face it - middle aged runners need all the massage tools they can get!

sorry, I covered up the Pocket Fuel with the Get Out and Run Sticker.  I do like that StrideBox includes an inspirational sticker in every order.
But then I saw the Lock Laces and I actually did a little happy dance.  I have a pair of Lock Laces that I really like, and have been wanting to get another set for a different pair of shoes.  But they are 8 bucks!!  So, to have them included in my $15 box made me feel  - well - HAPPY!

Side Story:  I have a hate/love relationship with Lock Laces.  
After I broke my hand in January, I was unable
Lydiard aka Staight Bar Lacing
to tie my own shoes.  I had decided to go ahead and run the Zooma 1/2 marathon just three weeks after the accident, but I was worried that my laces might come untied and I would have no way of retieing them (save asking another racer- awkward!.)  So I ordered the Lock Laces and wore one for the first time on race day.  Remember what they say about NEVER trying something new on race day??  Well, I cinched the Lock Lace WAY too tight, and by the end of the race I had actually injured the tendons on the top of my foot.  Although I was still able to run with my hand injury, the foot extensor tendonitis effectively knocked me out of running for 6 weeks!  I have since returned to the Lock Laces - this time laced using the Lydiard Method and kept very loose - and I LOVE them.  So word to the wise - be careful not to over tighten these laces! - OK, end of side story!

Here is a listing of all in the box:
  • I think the PowerICE freezer bars are an excellent idea in the summer.  I sure wish I had had these after my long run - in 90 degree heat - on Saturday!
  • I have never actually used or needed anti-chafe cream.  But I LOVE that the Blue Steel Anti-Chafe cream comes in single use packs!  This makes it easy to take with me on long runs or races (where a sudden need for anti-chafe cream would be just my luck!)  And they included 3 of them!  Nice!

So, by rough estimate $28 worth of product in my $15 box - and several products I am very excited about - STRIDEBOX SCORE!


  1. This box looks awesome! I'm digging that foot massager thingy! ;-)

    1. I finally took the Foot Rubz out to try, and love it! I'm actually a little surprised that it feels so good on my toes. The small size seems to be an advantage.