Sunday, September 29, 2013

Training Wrap-Up Week Four

This was a scale back week for me.  My total miles did not change much, but my intensity surely did.  It was a much needed break!

  • Days running: 5
  • Long run: 7 miles
  • Total Miles: 26
  • Races: One 5K (Race recap upcoming!)
  • Days strength training: 1 (50% success!  I'm a "glass half full" kind of girl!)
Most of my runs this week were slow, slow, slow as I attempted to recharge my legs.

I also ran a 5K on Saturday with my best friend which was a blast!  It was her first 5K, and probably the first time I have enjoyed every second of a race! I'm waiting on pictures to complete that race report.

But the best thing about this week was that we finally saw a change in the weather!  From highs in the 90s to highs barely in the 80s!  In fact, I was able to run in temps stating with a "6" for the first time since June!!  I have never appreciated our barely perceptible seasonal changes so much in my life!

Here's a local joke for you:

South Georgia Seasons:
  1. Almost Summer
  2. Summer
  3. Still Summer
  4. Christmas

Then, on Sunday night I had my best run in weeks.
I have been slowly working on my 5 mile "Steady State Run" (a run without walking breaks) since I shocked myself by completing one back in August.  That fist time my pace was very slow - around 11:26 avg.  I have been working each week on increasing my speed, while still keeping my breathing under control, and last night I ran at a 10:33 pace!
That's almost a minute per mile faster than last month!

Don't you just love those runs where you surprise yourself?

Of course part of that increased speed might be because of the "attack" dog!  I was running along a main road when I suddenly heard a viciously barking dog charging from behind.  For a moment I was terrified.  I really love dogs... but NOT when I am running.  What is it about runners that brings out the worst in dogs?  Anyway, after a brief moment of panic I realized that 
a) the dog sounded pretty small and 
b) if I stopped I would just be making it easier for him to get me.
So I never even turned around.  Just kept running until Fido gave up (ha!)

Have you ever had a dog encounter while running?