Monday, September 9, 2013

Training Wrap-Up Week One

I did it!  My first week of half-marathon training!

Days running: 6  
Long run: 9 miles
Total miles: 28
Days strength training: 1 (oops, missed the second day)
Number of new running outfits: 2 (Amazon has been having a big sale!)

Two of my runs this week were with a friend (Julie) that I am helping train for her first 5k!  I am really loving these runs - because it reminds me of the excitement I felt last year when training for my first 5k!  Running with Julie has actually helped improve my attitude with my own runs, because I am finally learning to appreciate all that the injuries/failures/frustrations of running have taught me!  We like to think when we start some new activity that we will somehow be able to learn without any of the struggles that others face - but the truth is that adversity brings about growth.  And what a year of growth it has been!  

This is the first time ever that I have run 6 days in a row - and with runs planned for Monday and Tuesday I will end up with 8 continuous days of running.  Of course, the runs with Julie are easy runs - but I am still amazed that my body can, in fact, handle more running than I thought!  Why am I always shocked when I see actual progress?

In other news, my husband just bought a pair of these shoes:
Hoka One One Stinson B Evo

Hoka One One Stinson - they look like marshmallow shoes, but feel heavenly!  I tried on a pair a couple of months ago and loved them, so when my husband started complaining about his feet hurting during our long runs, I told him he should give these a try. 

 Saturday, we visited the local running store and he tried on a whole bunch of recommended shoes.   I think he was leaning toward the Newtons, but still unsure when he asked to to try "those Hoka shoes".  After a 10 second run around the inside of the store I could tell he was sold!  These shoes really do feel like walking on clouds!  Tonight he wore them for the first time on our 5 mile run and thought they were great, but he said the real test will come on a 10+ mile run.  I'm watching closely because these might be my next shoes as well!

And finally, head on over to Amazon if you are wanting to pick up some high quality running clothes for cheap!  They are having a big sale on their summer items and since it is pretty much summer here for 9 months of the year, I have been buying quite a few items for my husband and myself.  Aren't these adorable?

Less than $25 per outfit!!!  I bought a few more shirts and tanks and plan on getting one more skirt/top before the deals are gone.  Nothing makes my day quite like a bargain!

Have you found any running deals lately?