Monday, September 16, 2013

Training Wrap-Up Week Two

I've completed my second week of half-marathon training! I am sore and exhausted... but hopefully a little faster!  Here are the highlights:

  • Days running: 5
  • Long run: 10 miles
  • Beach runs: 1
  • Total miles: 27
  • Days strength training: 0 (bad, bad Mendy!)
  • Days of vacation: 3

This was a wonderful training week!
It started with Tuesday's 4X800.  I attempted this run last week, but was bullied by the heat into shortening it to a 2X800.  This time I finished them all, and at my goal pace of 8:50!  Take that heat!!

On Wednesday our family left for a mini-vacation.  Not the whole family.  My oldest daughter was quick to point out that we only took 1/3 of our children!  But it was very nice not to have to sneak kids into the hotel room for a change! (ha!)
We stayed in Daytona in an ocean view room.  I love being able to open the balcony doors and listen to the sound of the waves crashing.  In fact, whenever we were in the room, I kept the door cracked so that I could enjoy the ambiance!  Here was our morning view:

Someone had written: "Good Morning ???? Finn <3"

On Thursday we took the kids to LegoLand, Florida.

The poor woman behind me was battered and bruised by my wildly whipping hair!

We had a great time, but spent all day long on our feet.  I might as well have gone on a run!

On Friday morning, I decided to take advantage of Daytona's hard packed sand and go for a morning run on the beach.  It turned out to be the highlight of the trip for me!!

This is right before 7AM - sunrise was at 7:07
There was a constant breeze off the water, making this one of the coolest runs (temperature-wise and attitude-wise) I've had all summer! 

I tried to ignore this ugly sight as I was running:

Don't you feel sorry for me?  No??

The run even looked pretty on my sports tracker!

Saturday I was back at home - and pledging to never eat fries or ice cream again!  We also had our first 10 mile run since the Spring.  I can describe that run in one word:


I think it was a combination of standing all day Thursday and the unaccustomed beach run on Friday that left my legs feeling sore and heavy.  But, I finished the run at my target pace!  

I was pretty much wiped out and useless for the rest of the day - 
but, I did it!  Such a good feeling...

even if it did leave me walking like a 90 year old!

Have you ever run on the beach?