Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Seize the Day!

Only 4 more days until the Town of Celebration Half Marathon!
I can hardly wait!

This morning, I spent a couple of hours viewing the course on Google maps.  Does anyone else do that before a race?  I just like to be completely prepared for a race.  On my first half-marathon, the course was so vaguely drawn that I couldn't get a view of the roads beforehand, and that was frustrating for a person who needed her husband to be accessible along the route.

Of course, this time he is running with me, and I don't have pins in my hand (lol!)

I keep thinking and rethinking my clothes.  The temps at race start look to be in the low 50's, so that is fantastic!  But... should I wear a hydration belt?  I always wear a belt if I am running more than 5 miles - but there is water, Gatorade and Clif Shot Bloks along the course.  Belts weigh you down - but I do know I am taking my phone no matter what.  So should I wear my full belt with water bottles?  Or my smaller belt with just the phone?  What time should we get there?  How much should I eat the might before?  Are two 5-mile runs enough to break in a new pair of shoes, or should I just wear my old pair?


Too many decisions!

However, I did finish making my skirt today, so this is the outfit I am kinda pretty sure I am wearing:

This is my one and only long-sleeved running shirt - Saucony Transition Hoody.  It is made of the same material as my Saucony jacket that I was raving about a couple of posts ago.  I love everything about it except the lack of thumbholes in the sleeves.  That would have made it perfect!  This shirt is fantastic in that it doesn't overheat me after a couple of miles like most other long-sleeved shirts I've tried.  I thought the hood part might bounce around while I ran, but I haven't even noticed that - and it certainly comes in handy when the wind pics up (keeping my ears warm.)

How many of you participated in the #megsmiles run on Saturday?

I know that I felt Meg Menzies death very strongly, even though I had never met her or even heard of her before a drunk driver swerved off the road and killed her as she was on her morning run with her husband.  I have been praying for her husband and children - mostly that they will forsake bitterness and embrace forgiveness.  Although, I would imagine that would be difficult for anyone.

It is slightly terrifying to think how quickly and easily our lives can be completely shattered.  This whole incident has renewed my resolve to thank God daily for the incredible family that I have, and to try and relish in the moments we have together.

On Saturday, my husband and I made a special trip out to Fernandina Beach, FL to run the Amelia Island Trail in honor of Meg.  All along the way, I praised God for His many Blessings!

I can run!  I can breathe in the fresh air and feel the sun upon my face.  I can come home and pick up my sweet babies and kiss them as I twirl around (ha!) and I can look into the face of my husband and share that joy!  I am alive today - and today I will rejoice in that!!

May the SWEET PEACE of the Lord rest upon the Menzies Family.