Monday, July 22, 2013

The Great Fall of 2013

2013 did not start off with a lot of promise.

On January 1st, I was finishing up a 7 mile training run, when I fell and broke two fingers on my right hand.  You can read more about that fall HERE.

I had 5 pins in my hand and was in a splint for two months - the two months preceding my daughter's wedding.  That was the hardest part.  I had to depend on other people to basically put the wedding together.  I couldn't so much as tie a bow.  I'm a relatively crafty person, so this frustrated the heck out of me.

I finally got the pins out and the splint removed the week before the wedding.  Silly me!!  I thought I'd be able to use the hand right away. 

 Ummmm, no.

I couldn't even move my fingers.  Not the two that got broken or the two that were uninjured but had been in a splint for 2 months.  

So, I started therapy.
After 5 long months I am still unable to move my last two fingers, and have only about 30% movement in my first two fingers.  The reason for this is that genetically my body reacts to trauma by building up excessive scar tissue.  This scar tissue has grown in and around my ligaments and tendons, prohibiting their movement.  This is probably the main reason that I have found so much success with Astym Therapy (see post here.)  However, there is no Astym procedure for fingers, so I am now facing two surgeries.  

The first surgery is Wednesday.  The Doc will cut along the top of my ring and pinkie fingers so that he can go in and clean up the scar tissue.  After that heals (and intensive therapy) he will cut open the underside of each finger to clean up the scar tissue there. 
There is no guarantee that this will work.  The fear is that this will prompt my body to produce even MORE scar tissue, and we will end up right where we began.  If that happens, he will have to go back in and permanently fuse my last two fingers into a hook position (to help with opening doors and such)

Anyway, if you think of it, I would so appreciate your prayers!!  I believe God is greater than my genetics!!

In other news:

I ran 31.7 miles this week! 
That is the most I have ever run in a week!   I am beginning to get so excited about the start of Half-Marathon training season! (September).  Yippee!!!

What is the most miles you have ever run in a week? (or should it read "are the most miles"? Sorry - too lazy to look it up!)