Thursday, July 25, 2013

ABCs of ME!

Well, my surgery is over.  Thanks to general anesthetic and some pretty heavy pain meds, I went into surgery feeling like a kicka** athlete (who, just the night before, ran her regular 5 mile route faster than ever!) and left feeling nauseous and weak.  And I'm one-handed again.  Ugh!  But today I should get this dressing off and be on my way to a better, more functional me... even if I do have to give up my dreams of being a hand-model lol!
 (update: I did not get the bandage off, just replaced.  My last two fingers look like the Bride of Frankenstein!   The Dr. really sliced me up good, but thankfully had his 5 year old stitch me up.  At least, that's what it looks like to me!  I'll spare you the pics.)

When I woke up this morning and checked Feedly, I discovered that my friend Mindy from Road Runner Girl had tagged me in her ABCs of Me post.  What a perfect diversion for the day - and it may take me all day since I am typing with my left hand!!

 So here you go.  Everything you ever wanted to know about Flaming June!  What's that?  You don't sit around wondering what my favorite color is?  Well, you are about to find out anyway!!

ABCs of Mendy!

A. Attached or Single?  Happily attached to my best friend in the whole world, my husband Brian!  (oops!  I think I just messed up "B")

B. Best Friend?  Ummmm.... see above.

C. Cake or Pie?  I'll let the celebrities speak for me!

But left on a deserted (ha!) island with only one dessert - Key Lime Pie!

D. Day of the week?  duh! Friday!

You are welcome for getting that song stuck in your head!

E. Essential Item?  My laptop.  My husband snapped this pic at 6am this morning...

F. Favorite Color?  I know you are dying to know!!!

G. Gummy Bears or Gummy Worms?  Gummy Bears, of course!  They sing way better!

H. Hometown?  Near Pensacola Florida.

I. Favorite Indulgence?  
I love these sooo much, but due to this silly desire to still fit in my clothes, I only have about one a year.  hmmmm... I'm thinking I may be due for another.  today.

J. January or July?  January-way better running weather!

K. Kids?  Why, yes.  I do!  Six, in fact!!  Here is a picture from last year:

  1. Joshua (in the white shirt, now 25) is married to Jasmine and has one son, my grandson Julien who I am holding.  They live and work in Savannah, Georgia.
  2. Caleb (wearing striped tie, now 24) lives and works in Warner Robins, Georgia.
  3. Bethany (in striped shirt, now 20) married Matt in March.  She is the secretary at our church, and her husband is the youth leader.
  4. Elissa (blue top, now 18) lives at home and is finishing up high school.  She has an interview at Chick-fil-a today, so may have a job soon!
  5. Levi (green top, will be 8 in two weeks) loves any kind of reptile!  He has two snakes and a gecko in the house, and the catch-of-the-day in aquariums on the porch!
  6. Gracie (purple, now 6) loves dancing and singing and cuddling with her Mommy!
L. Life isn't complete without?  Jesus.  I cannot imagine living without knowing that someone smarter, more dependable, and more powerful than me has a plan for my life and is guiding me along that path every single day.

That doesn't mean my life will always be full of gumdrops and lollipops... but I have the assurance that my life has purpose, meaning and favor.  And, at the end, eternity with Christ! 

This is the most powerful music video I have ever seen!  I found it just now when I googled "Jesus is my life".  It pretty much says it all.

M. Marriage Date? December 20, 1986

25th Anniversary

N.  Number of Brothers/Sisters?  I have two younger brothers and two awesome sisters-in-law!

O. Oranges or Apples?  I seriously love oranges and anything orange flavored.  I grew up loving Tang, and  these days this is my drink mix of choice.
When Mandarin oranges are in season, I go through a bag a week.
I do not really care for apples except in a pie!

P. Phobias?  Yep.  I have telephonophobia: fear of making or taking phone calls!  This is one reason I love the web.  It allows me to communicate with people and bypass the phone altogether!
Below is a hilarious phone/horror short.  Who knew this was such a common condition?

Q. Favorite Quote?  This applies to every area of life!

R. Reason to Smile?  

S. Season of Choice?  Fall!  I love the smell in the air and the promise of cooler days to come!

T. Tag 5 People.

  1. Raina at Small Town Runner
  2. Christina at yourtruthplace
  3. Julianne at Middle-Aged Woman (newly) on the Run
  4. Anita at Running Against the OdDs
  5. Tami at Journey to a Healthy Life
U. Unknown Fact About Me?  I've never had alcohol in my life!  When I was on my 25th anniversary cruise, I thought I'd maybe try a glass of wine.  However, we were seated with a couple from Ireland and I noticed that they never drank.  So, on the 3rd night I asked them about that.  I mean, they are from IRELAND!  The husband told me that he had also never had a drink in his life.  His father had been an alcoholic, and he just decided from a young age that he would never let that happen to him.  His wife had decided to abstain with him.  I took that as a sign from God that there was absolutely no reason for me to take up drinking now!  We are still really good friends with this couple! - apparently the only non-drinking Catholics in Ireland (lol!!)

V. Favorite Vegetable?  Green Beans

W. Worst Habit? Playing with the hole left behind from a pulled tooth.  I just can't keep my tongue from fiddling with it - and you can tell that's what I am doing.  The tooth has been gone a whole year now, and I am getting a little better.  I think...

X. X-ray or Ultrasound?  Well, I have never had an x-ray for anything but injuries and I have never had an ultrasound for anything but babies, so ULTRASOUND for sure!!

Y. Your Favorite Food? Greek yogurt with fruit and granola.  This has actually replaced ice cream as my favorite food!

Z. Zodiac Sign?  Capricorn

Well, now you know the ABCs of me!  Hope you were at least a little entertained!

So?  What is your "U"?  I'd love to hear it!