Wednesday, October 23, 2013

My 10 Mile Race Playlist

I've been hard at work, fine-tuning my race day playlist. (I'm running the Evergreen Pumpkin 10-miler on Sunday)   Last year, music played a pivotal role in keeping me going when I felt like giving up, so I know that the right song at the right time can be a powerful tool.

All of these songs have been chosen for their beats per minute, their encouraging message, or the ability to pump me up!    I find that I tend to run to the beat of the music, and 180 bpm (90 X 2) seems to keep me at my max pace.  I added slightly slower songs at the beginning to keep me from going too fast during the first half.

I debated putting this up, as musical tastes are so subjective, but I have discovered some awesome tunes while perusing other runner's playlists, so I thought maybe someone out there might find a new favorite on mine!

  1. Hall of Fame - The Script feat. 85 bpm  (To get me started off right!)
  2. Dance - Dizmas 153 bpm  (The words of this song are perfect for the start of a race!)
  3. Prisoner - Needtobreathe   86 bpm  (Great beat!)
  4. Reverie - Scott & Brendo   125 bpm  (Reminding me that "it is time to run"!)
  5. Graveyard Shift - Sam Roberts Band   86 bpm  (I will be running in a graveyard after all!)
  6. Saving Grace - The Afters    87 bpm  (Great beat, great message.)
  7. Runnin' - Adam Lambert    84 bpm  (I just like it, Ok?)
  8. Laying Me Low - David Cook   87 bpm  (Great beat!)
  9. Bang Bang - K'naan  90 bpm  (Just plain fun!)
  10. Chocolate & Ice Cream - Plumb 88 bpm  (The reason I run -ha!)
  11. The Victory - Third Day 88 bpm  (Great race lyrics!)
  12. Untouched - The Veronicas 88 bpm   (Pumps me up!)
  13. Walking on the Stars - Group 1 Crew  89 bpm  (Great beat!)
  14. Turbo Style- Beckah Shae    158 bpm  (Check out the awesome lyrics!)
  15. Fight For You - Jason Derulo   89 bpm  (Always makes me think of my husband!)
  16. Move - MercyMe   106 bpm  (a perfect race song!)
  17. Welcome To The Show - Britt Nicole   90 bpm  (Beat, baby!  Plus, LOVE her!)
  18. Run-On - Barbara Cox 187 bpm  (runnin' for Jesus!!)
  19. Kiss You - One Direction   90 bpm  (*blush*  but it does have a good beat!)
  20. Roar - Katy Perry 90 bpm  (see above)
  21. Laura - Scissor Sisters   90 bpm (see above)  
  22. I Will Run - Misty Edwards   86 bpm  (This is the song that got me through the 10th mile last year!)
  23. Like A Champion - Selena Gomez 90 bpm  (I might need an attitude adjustment at this point.)
  24. Incorruptible - Beckah Shae 129 bpm  (One of my favorite running-lyric songs!)
  25. Shadow Of Your Wings - Casting Crowns 113 bpm  (From my favorite Bible chapter : Psalm 63!)
  26. Unbreakable - Fireflight 90 bpm (Pump-me-up song!)
  27. Speed - Billy Idol   88 bpm  (Guaranteed to make me 30 seconds faster!)
  28. Light Up the Sky - Thousand Foot Krutch 89 bpm  (See above!)
  29. Worried About Ray - The Hoosiers   87 bpm  (My goal time is 1hr 40 minutes.  My playlist is 1hr 43 minutes long.  If I make it this far I am "worried about Mendy!")
Do you have a favorite race day song?