Saturday, October 26, 2013

T-10 hours and Counting!

In 10 hours I will be running my first race of the season - The Evergreen Pumpkin 10 Miler!
My tummy is in knots!

So far, this week has been productive.  I finished cleaning the whole house!  What a euphoric feeling when the whole house is clean!  Anyone could stop by and I would be fine with it!  I wish I could say that the other 51 weeks of the year.

I added this wall transfer to the livingroom:

 Now I just have to finish putting pictures in all the frames (I have mostly filler pics in there now.)

Also my husband, daughter and a few others built a house for a family of 7 (!) (plus a baby due any day now) in Reynosa, Mexico.

Here they are with original house:

New home in progress:

Finished home:

The house is fully furnished with a food prep area, plenty of food (beans, rice, oil etc plus personal items like shampoo, and diapers for the baby), a table with chairs, full sized bed, and a loft sleeping area.  You and I would call this a fancy shed - to the poorest folks in Mexico this is a treasure!  Brian just informed me that in their previous house all 7 were sharing ONE small bed - which was really just a mattress on the floor.  I know the family runs a taco stand, so maybe they were sleeping in shifts.  Still, it is sad to think such conditions exist just a stones throw across the border!

Brian and the crew returned from their 2600 mile round trip at around 6AM this morning!
Then, I heartlessly forced my husband to drive another 45 miles to pick up our race packets!  But, it involved our favorite pizza, so he didn't seem to mind!

Here is what was in the packet:

The shirt this year is actually gender specific, which I love!  However, I won't be wearing it because I'm going as a peacock!

Now, I'm off to try on my peacock costume and make sure it all works - then I will attempt to get some sleep.  I can't wait for tomorrow!!!!

Edited to add:
It's T-8 hours now and I can't calm down enough to sleep.  I keep checking and rechecking the weather, and it still says 45 degrees at race start.  That is VERY cold for this time of year.  I've had to remake my top for my costume (since I was wearing a tank and now I need sleeves) and now I'm worried that it won't dry in time.  ugh!  On the plus side, I made a pair of throw-a-way arm warmers out of a pair of socks I had laying around!  Honestly, I know I sound like a total ninny, but anything less than 55-60 is painfully cold for me.  I guess I'll break out my throw-a-way jacket as well!


  1. Have a great run!! I will be cheering for you all the way from Az!

    1. Thanks Carri!! I appreciate all the cheering I can get!