Friday, August 2, 2013

Friday Favorites: Four Things I'm Lovin'!

It has been a while since I did a "Favorites" post.... on my blog.  I write them in my head all the time!  To bad my brain doesn't share a wireless connection with my computer.

Hey! - I bet we will have that ability one day.

Everyone walking around - just thinking facebook and twitter updates.

Scary thought, huh?

Anyway, here are several things that I am loving lately:

1)  Borax!

Yes, regular, old-fashioned Borax!  A while back I tackled my stinky laundry problem using a combination of borax and Sport-Wash.  Well, after a lot of experimentation, I've discovered that the real solution is two-fold.

First - allow the sweaty garment to air dry (see my #2 below)

Second - a Borax prewash.  The Borax prewash works so well that I have started using it with every load (not just my workout clothes) to keep that chronic-dank HE washer smell away.  It leaves my clothes fresh-smelling and works better than any of the MANY expensive fragrance options I had tried previously. (YES!, I'm talking to you Downy unStopables!)

2) Wall-Mount Accordion Clothes Dryer!

I needed someplace to drip-dry our sweaty running clothes.  And here in South Georgia, by "sweaty" I mean "you could wring them out and then water your plants!"  I was looking for an alternative to hanging clothes on the shower door, when I came across this gadget ($20 on Amazon).  It's not the prettiest wall decor, but it makes use of our little-used tub, and doesn't require any floor space.

3) My Hand Therapist, Sandy!

This woman drove 40 miles - on her day off - to work on my hand!  I mean, the Rehab office isn't even open on Saturday!

 Thanks to her I have gone from this fist:

to this:

I still have a long road ahead - but at least now I have hope of being able to use the last two fingers again!

4) This Song!

My husband sent me a link to this song with the instructions to "turn it up loud!"
It is a perfect song to run to!

So there you have it!  A few of my favorite things this week!

 What is your favorite new product??


  1. That folding drying rack...genius! Yay for awesome hand therapists! You've made great improvements!!

  2. Yes, I do love my therapist - even if I do often accuse her of torture! You can't put a price on someone who actually cares!

  3. I usually throw my clothes on the side of my tub and they eventually make their way into the laundry! I use Oxy-clean but I don't think it gives any "clean" smell. I think I will be trying Borax next shopping trip!
    Wow your hand looks so much better! Yah for your amazing therapist! Music makes a huge difference in my running, I notice if I hear a slow song, or a song that reminds me of my past I slow down to daydream. Thanks for your sweet comment, tomorrow is always a clean slate! Carri~Abusybee

    1. Borax is super cheap so worth a try! Plus, there are some cool school experiments you can do with it (the only reason I had some on hand-lol!)
      Music is super important to me when I run as well. Funny - I don't really listen to it any other time!

  4. OMG the wall mount in genius!! I have used a coat rack for years to dry things out, but it makes my husband nuts. That would work so much better!

    1. Desperation is the mother of invention!! Actually, if you pinterest search, you can find all kind of wall mount clothes dryers that people have made for virtually nothing. This was the lazy route :) Thanks for stopping by my blog!