Sunday, April 7, 2013

Car Distance Stickers-Love Them or Hate Them?

Yesterday, while leaving TJ Maxx - where I had been scouring the racks for great deals on running clothes (and I need more running clothes like a dog needs more fleas) I saw this:

Wild Guess: The owner of this vehicle will not be at my next 5K!

Then there is my husband who, after completing his first half-marathon,  put this magnet on his beat up old pick-up truck:
This got me thinking about these types of stickers in general.  I've been exposed enough to the "run blogging" world to know the disdain for them that many share.  In fact, I've heard so much negative that I refused to get one.
When I showed the zero point zero photo to my husband, he chuckled and said: "Oh!  That reminds me.  I meant to get you one after your half!  Why don't you go on Amazon and order one now?"

Why don't I?
  Well, because I'll look like a total loser, that's why!  I mean, it's just a half.  It's not like I ran a REAL marathon!  And I don't want to make anyone feel like this:

But then I stopped myself.  I worked hard for 6 months to get ready for that itty-bitty half.  I went through therapy for my ankle, therapy for my hip, running in 90 degree heat, ice baths, days where I was too sore to move and finally, falling and breaking my fingers.  
To some it might be "just a half", but for me it was a big freaking deal!
And so I ordered my 13.1 magnet.
In bright PINK!!

Do you have any runner identification stuff on your car?  Why? or Why not?

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