Friday, April 5, 2013

Friday Favorites : Feetures! Elite Sock Review

Let's talk socks!

When I first started running in May 2012, I was content with whatever sport socks I had picked up at TJ Maxx.  And a normal person would have remained content.  
 But not Product Research Queen Mendy!
(Maybe I should make that my official title!)
No, I had to find the BEST socks.
So I did my research and found out that there was definitely a best sock - the Drymax/Thorlo/Injinji/Wrightsock!  It seemed that everyone had an opinion - and a sock they "could not run without!"

I took one look at the prices and decided I could, in fact, run without!   After that, injuries took over my attention and I forgot the whole thing.
Until I found myself in my local running store one morning.
With a 15% off socks sale.
I am a total sucker for sales!
So, I sat down on a bench and ordered the salesperson to "show me what you've got!"
(This is what I LOVE about local running stores - having employees at my beck and call!  Try that at a Big Box store!)
Thankfully, this employee was unusually patient and basically let me try on every sock in the store.  I was not impressed - well, not $15-20 a pair impressed anyway.  Then he slipped these babies on my feet:
It was LOVE I tell you!
  Something about the arch support felt so good to my post-plantar fasciitis feet.  And the cushioning was just perfect - not too thick or thin. 

 So I brought a pair home, and they immediately became the "sock I cannot run without!"
Yes, I am now one of those runners!
I have purchased more of these socks (and even their compression sock which I will review at a later time but, in short - LOVE!) and find that they hold up well and do not require any special treatment.
The socks are left-right specific and clearly marked on top, but better yet, the size is imprinted inside the ankle cuff.  This is very handy when doing laundry since my husband and I have identical colors.   So, If you are looking for another opinion in the sea of sock recommendations, this is mine!
What is your favorite sock?