Thursday, April 4, 2013

Family Run?

Last Saturday, Brian and I ran the local Bunny Hop 5K.  It was a very small race - only about 60 runners.  While we were racing, our youngest 2 children (ages 6 and 7) had a chance to run in the 1 Mile Fun Run.  They had a blast!  My youngest daughter (Gracie) even got her picture in the paper!
After the race, Levi (age 7) started talking about running a 5K, and being an um....obsessive runner as well as his mom, I started planning.  I  found a family friendly 5K coming up in May and Googled "training kids to run a 5K".  Of course, what Levi does, Gracie feels like she should do as well!  So, this morning I woke them up bright and early for our first training run.  Keep in mind that we're a homeschooling family, so "bright and early" is 7:30 AM :) 
So not happening! 
I cut them some slack since this whole "night owl" thing is genetic, and rescheduled their first training run for this evening after Karate.
This is how it went:
First 200m - everyone is running along at a nice easy pace.
Next 100m - walk because Levi's side is hurting.
Next 200m - jog very slowly because Gracie is busy watching her ponytail swing back and forth.
Next 200m - Levi and I leave Gracie and Daddy behind because Gracie has decided hopping and skipping are preferable to running.
Next 300m - "Look at that Mom!  I think it's a fox!"  What is that, Mom?  "Have we gone a mile yet?  "Can we walk?  My side is hurting!"

This is when I decided it was time to turn around and go back.

I guess this was a success.  We "ran" a mile and a half, the children had fun, and Brian got to hear an entire recap of "the Tortoise and the Hare".

How about you out there in cyber-land.  Anyone have experience running with children?
Festival of Lights 1 mile Fun Run - December 2012