Saturday, April 13, 2013

Today Was a Very Good Day!

I have been smiling all day long.


Well, thank you for asking!
It's because my long run today was awesome!  For the first time since I resumed running 6 weeks ago,  I ran my long run at pre-injury speed.  And I was a full 15 seconds per mile faster than last Saturday's run of the same distance!

Also:  Runner's World just put up this article, which confirms that I am actually timing my workouts for best performance!  Who knew?

We run our long run on Saturday mornings because we are always back before our 18 y.o. daughter has anything planned (or is even out of bed!)   Our hard runs are on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.  I clicked on the article link sure that I was running all wrong.  I guess the joke's on me! :)   According to RW, the best time for long runs is in the morning when you are in a fasted state and with a low core temp.  And the best time for harder runs is in the evening when the body is warmed up and we have more carbohydrates available for energy.

The only reason we run in the evenings on Tuesday and Thursday is because that is when my children take Taekwondo - at the same place that we like to run.  So, we are already there and we have babysitters!
This is before Gracie's first Taekwondo class last year.  She is now a green belt and Levi is a brown belt.

What time of day do you run?