Monday, August 5, 2013

My August (and July) Stridebox is Here!

Today my mailman had an extra spring in his step!  That's because he got to deliver my August Stridebox.  I really am glad I signed up for this monthly subscription.  So far, none of the boxes have let me down.

Click here for a peek at my June Stridebox
Click here for a peek at my May Stridebox

First, I have to do a quick July Stridebox recap.  I took pics when it arrived, but never got around to sharing it on the blog:

July Stridebox:

This one contained a water bottle with several drink mixes inside (I've taken them out for you to see) as well as couple of energy bars, a Body Glove gel, and a package of spider tech tape.  I do find the water bottle handy for mixing my drinks for my runs - although the 2  drink mixes I have tried have been pretty awful! (Nuun electrolyte tab, and Vega electrolyte hydrator mix)  I think I'll be sticking with Mio Fit for my electrolyte replacement!

Ok, now on to my August Stridebox:

This Month's Stridebox contained my favorite - a Kind Bar!  I absolutely love these things!  It also includes a couple of energy chews, a drink mix, a couple of gels, another energy bar - and the non-food item this month was a cooling towel.  I already have a couple of these, but loved the size of this one.  Just perfect for looping through the belt on my waist pack (26"X8")

Here is a rundown of the items in the box and their value:

Now, I just need to figure out how to keep from eating my Kind bar before tomorrow's run!!

Do you have a favorite "energy" or post-run bar? (you already know my favorite is Kind Bar - any flavor!)