Monday, August 26, 2013

Oh NO! Not Again!

I fell while running last night.


Fortunately, this time I didn't break any bones.  In fact, this was nothing like my last fall.  This was one of those falls where you think a million miles an hour in the split second it takes to fall.  This is what I remember thinking in that micro-second:

"I'm falling!"
"Save the hand!"
"Don't catch yourself with your wrists!"
"This is gonna hurt!"
"Hand up, Hand up!"
"I can't believe this is happening again!"

It really did feel like everything was happening in slow motion.  When I hit the sidewalk it felt like I was skidding as if I was on a Slip 'N Slide - when in reality it was probably only a couple of inches.   Wikipedia explains it like this:

During high-stress situations, such as an accident, the brain receives massive amounts of data to process which alters the brain's perception of time. This is believed to be an evolutionary mechanism adapted by the brain to increase human survival rates. Therefore, during an accident a person can react quickly and make a decision in a short period of time.
 Of course, I believer this is just another wonderful gift from the Creator!

I jumped right back up and started running - blood dripping down my leg and arm.  My husband had been following behind me, and asked if I was OK.

"I'm perfectly FINE!" I quipped.

Of course, my knee and elbow were burning like they were on fire, but I was so embarrassed to have fallen yet again that I was propelled by my own pride!

I ran a couple of more miles on pure stubbornness and then came home, cleaned up, and bandaged my scrapes.  If I had been a good blogger, I would have had someone take a picture of my wounded and bloodied self - but I was too intent on erasing this event from my life!

I woke up this morning, a little sore but not injured beyond the scrapes.  I am grateful that the fall wasn't any worse, but now I'm not sure what kind of lesson I should draw from this.

On the one hand it is sort of encouraging to realize that I can fall without requiring a year of therapy afterward.

On the other hand I wonder if I am just a hopeless klutz who should never run after dusk... even with all the lights I have strapped on.

Changing the subject entirely, after much worry, research and backtracking I finally discovered that it was a Chrome add-on that was causing my slow down.  It was some sort of spell checker that I found on "Intense Debate" and  now that I have disabled it both on Intense Debate and my browser my problems seemed fixed!  Yay!!

So, have you ever fallen on a run?
And I guess this is what I'm going to do as well!!